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The Chemists

Hello! I am currently working on "The Chemists".

I began the piece on August 13th:

Here it is on August 30th:

And here it is this evening.

It's been rough. Parts of it are clicking and others remain incredibly stubborn. I try one color, then the next. Slowly I am coming across the right combinations, but it's slow going, and I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to toss this thing in the trash. But when you've put over two months into something it's hard to just give up on it. I've gone over every square inch of the canvas at least three times. The layers of color are beginning to add some great complexity, depth and dimension to the piece, but it's definitely a work in process.

To stay motivated I occasionally take a break from The Chemists to do some drawings or abstract work or whatever else I'm craving. And then I dutifully come back to it because I can't leave it behind. I have so much time invested in it, and I think that with time and patience it could be a stunning piece. Only time will tell.

Tonight I laid some blue down in the lower left corner, put drawers on the cabinet, and added shadows and highlights to the cabinet's wood.

The next steps are to fix the shadows on the left chemist's face (and his face in general - there's something about it that bothers me - the shape, hairstyle...not sure what it is), fix the table corners and legs, and put the bottles back on the shelves (not to mention the shelves themselves). There will be more, but that's the short list for the time being.
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