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masterwork's Journal

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MasterWork is for Artists to share the Evolution and Creation of their Master Pieces
As artists, we know there is more to a MasterWork than the finished piece. There is an entire journey we each take deep within ourselves, evolving us as we watch our creations take form, manifesting themselves from our imaginations.

The goal of this community is to create an environment for artists working on MasterWorks who embrace that journey and wish to share and reflect those experiences with like-minded artists. To work alongside one another within a virtual studio based upon interdependence, offering technical help to those that ask, critiquing those that wish constructive criticism, and helping each other mature each of our practices.

This community is for those artist's who have such a strong passion for their work that if they are not painting, they feel as if they are dying. They are here not to show off their work, but humbly, and honestly, open themselves to reflections from fellow artists, and constructively offer reflections in return.

As a member, you are invited to post the progress of your own MasterWork with regular updates (i.e. weekly, monthly) or as you feel necessary. The idea is that by posting updates, the other artists maintain a sense of familiarity with your work and will be able to offer assistance along the way. Within the posts, discuss issues you are having with the painting, or difficulties with specific techniques, or styles you are trying to emulate. Then, as you progress, share with others how you resolved those issues.

Also, please feel free to ask others for advice, for example, on purchasing tools, types of pigments to use, mixing paints, etc. We are all students and teachers here simultaneously.

This community is moderated, and there are a few guidelines you should know before requesting membership. Also, this community is only for Artists that have a MasterWork they wish to share with other Artists, you may not join unless this is the case, but may choose to watch the community as a non-member. Non-members may not post to community.


1. Oils are the preferred medium, but not required.
2. Each artist is requested to only track the progress for one of their MasterWorks at a time. This is to maintain a sense of continuity and familiarity for the other artists. However, if you feel a dire need to change the MasterWork you are submitting, you may do so as long as it does not become habit.
3. Artists may NOT post images of their other pieces UNLESS it pertains or relates to their MasterWork. You may, however, post links to other sites that host a gallery of your work you wish to share with others.
4. A MasterWork is defined within this community as a piece the artist is working on they expect to take a long time to finish (i.e. 100+ hours), is of a size larger than 10 sq. ft. and a piece that is pushing the Artist's abilities.
5. Each artist is expected to only make posts that relate to this community. Each artist is encouraged to post about their practice, their inspirations, historical and modern references, links to art related sites, news pertaining to anything involving art, etc. If it is in anyway about Art, you may post about it. The following posts are DISCOURAGED - Politics and Religion, that is, unless it pertains to Art.
6. Each Artist will respect each other Artist as if they were that Artist. All criticism is to be of the constructive style, and each artist's STYLE must be respected.
7. Each Artist will respect the legal rights of other member artists work, as well as all copyright laws.
8. Above all else, have fun, live, journey and learn from one another's passions.
9. Understand that rules 1-8 are required to maintain the community as a Haven for passionate artists.