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One of the things I have always felt is that there is an entire dimension to painting that is lost and forgotten to those that only see the finished product.

To me, painting is more about the artist's journey than seeing the final destination simply hanging upon the wall. In galleries, you don't see the struggles or the triumphs the artist faces as they reach deep into themselves. You don't see the evolution and creation of the artist's work.

This is why I created this community.

About a year ago, a created a journal for my friends to follow along my journey to create what I call my first MasterWork here:

I am still working on it, and scheduled to finish by January 1st. It is 48" x 48" on canvas with Oils.

My intent was to illustrate an extra dimension to art that most do not see. For my friends, I was able to reveal to them the process that goes into creating such a large work. Many had no idea the intensity of the endeavor.

Here is the link to the LJ I created for my friends:


My hope now is to create a community exclusively for artists to follow this idea.

And that idea is to have a group of artist's, each working on a MasterWork of one form or another, to share their journey, and each of us be students and teacher's to each other in an interdependent fashion.

To share each other's passions, and reflect upon them, maturing our practice, and evolving into the type of artist we each want to be. Each of us encouraging the other to express and develop our individual styles.

My vision is of a virtual studio that follows many of the ideals of the studios of old combined with the technology of today to create a platform for artists to project themselves from.

I hope this is something that interests you.

If so, read the profile, and request membership.

Membership is moderated simply because I would like for each of us to get the most out of this community, as a haven for like-minded artists.

Thank you,

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