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Saturday, January 19th, 2008
8:04 pm
For the past year I have dedicated towards this single work and it took every once to finish it to the point you see it here. Is it done? As done as any piece every can truly be. I still see so much within it that I find it very hard to step away, but I feel it is time. I set a promise and goal for myself, and for the most part, met that goal. I may come back at a later date, but most of where I want to take the painting, I honestly do not have the skill yet. I will have to explore with other paintings before this can go any further.

To those that follow this site, how do each of you cope with pulling away from a painting?

Do you ritualize it?

Do you every feel it pulling you back in?

Do you have work hanging in a gallery or sold that you still think about working more into it?

I honestly feel hung-over.
Monday, October 8th, 2007
11:45 am
Weekly Update - 10-08-07

During the past week, I focused work on 3 details. The 4 niches (where the planetary glyphs for the fixed signs used to be) and the Balustrade (The railing that circles the painting). Also, I defined the shadows and direction of the lighting on the main columns.

The Baluster: This section has given me a bit of difficulty. Working out the perspective has been a battle of give and take. I've painted it 3 times. Once to place it, Second to re-scale it, Third to match closer to the perspective of the columns. The railing and base are pretty much solid now, but I still have more work to do on the balusters themselves, getting the shadows and lighting just right. I am preparing them for the arch of clouds that will curve down from above and hit just behind the balustrade. My hope is to then show the misted clouds pouring through the balustrade continuing their journey to the outer edge of the painting.

The Niches: I cleaned up the niches preparing them for the return of the Atlas figures. You can also see the shadow work on the columns.

Over the next week, I plan on moving out of the center to let it dry a bit. I finally have decided what to do in the 4 corner circles of the mandala. That is the circles behind the houses for the fixed signs. For a hint, it will be related to a feature within the Pantheon of ancient Rome.
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
8:09 pm
Finally got around to fixing the left chemist's face:

And the hair on the right chemist. There's a lot of glare in this photo, but you get the idea. He has dark hair now:
5:51 pm
The Chemists
Worked on the painting today. I did nothing from my proposed list of next steps, and instead resurfaced the table, fixed up the bottles and added a tray of green journals. I'm digging it much better now. The tray of journals really helps that side of the table, and the reflections add some nice interest. The green of the journals works well with the copper table top, too.

I dragged the piece outside to get a photograph of it in natural light. There was a lot of glare, but at least the colors are generally true:

Here is a detail of the area I worked on today:
Friday, October 5th, 2007
12:09 pm
The Curies
Hope you don't mind, but I found and image of the Curies that you might be interested in:

Thursday, October 4th, 2007
9:48 pm
The Chemists
Hello! I am currently working on "The Chemists".

I began the piece on August 13th:

Here it is on August 30th:

And here it is this evening.

It's been rough. Parts of it are clicking and others remain incredibly stubborn. I try one color, then the next. Slowly I am coming across the right combinations, but it's slow going, and I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to toss this thing in the trash. But when you've put over two months into something it's hard to just give up on it. I've gone over every square inch of the canvas at least three times. The layers of color are beginning to add some great complexity, depth and dimension to the piece, but it's definitely a work in process.

To stay motivated I occasionally take a break from The Chemists to do some drawings or abstract work or whatever else I'm craving. And then I dutifully come back to it because I can't leave it behind. I have so much time invested in it, and I think that with time and patience it could be a stunning piece. Only time will tell.

Tonight I laid some blue down in the lower left corner, put drawers on the cabinet, and added shadows and highlights to the cabinet's wood.

The next steps are to fix the shadows on the left chemist's face (and his face in general - there's something about it that bothers me - the shape, hairstyle...not sure what it is), fix the table corners and legs, and put the bottles back on the shelves (not to mention the shelves themselves). There will be more, but that's the short list for the time being.
2:26 am
Welcome aboard alcippe!

I saw some of your work, and I have to say your color is amazing. I hope you will take the time and help build this community with me, as well as share the progress of one of your pieces. Like I said, I am interested to see how you work with your color selections, and the choices and directions you take with them.
Monday, October 1st, 2007
3:57 pm
One of the things I have always felt is that there is an entire dimension to painting that is lost and forgotten to those that only see the finished product.

To me, painting is more about the artist's journey than seeing the final destination simply hanging upon the wall. In galleries, you don't see the struggles or the triumphs the artist faces as they reach deep into themselves. You don't see the evolution and creation of the artist's work.

This is why I created this community.

About a year ago, a created a journal for my friends to follow along my journey to create what I call my first MasterWork here:

I am still working on it, and scheduled to finish by January 1st. It is 48" x 48" on canvas with Oils.

My intent was to illustrate an extra dimension to art that most do not see. For my friends, I was able to reveal to them the process that goes into creating such a large work. Many had no idea the intensity of the endeavor.

Here is the link to the LJ I created for my friends:


My hope now is to create a community exclusively for artists to follow this idea.

And that idea is to have a group of artist's, each working on a MasterWork of one form or another, to share their journey, and each of us be students and teacher's to each other in an interdependent fashion.

To share each other's passions, and reflect upon them, maturing our practice, and evolving into the type of artist we each want to be. Each of us encouraging the other to express and develop our individual styles.

My vision is of a virtual studio that follows many of the ideals of the studios of old combined with the technology of today to create a platform for artists to project themselves from.

I hope this is something that interests you.

If so, read the profile, and request membership.

Membership is moderated simply because I would like for each of us to get the most out of this community, as a haven for like-minded artists.

Thank you,

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